Monday, June 18, 2012

Report: Boston Celtics considering "strong offer" to Bulls center Omer Asik

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With the Boston Celtics looking to add size and improve their rebounding this offseason, Sam Smith of is reporting that the C's are going to strongly pursue Chicago's backup center, Omer Asik.

The Celtics are one the teams said to be considering a strong offer to Bulls center Asik. The thinking is it might help them retain Kevin Garnett, who though playing very well at center the second half of the season doesn’t want to return as a center.

While it sounds intriguing, just remember that Asik is a restricted free agent, meaning that the Bulls have the ability to match any offer from any other team in order to retain his services. We also don't know how much money the Celtics will have to play with since the salaries of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen from this season are being held against the salary cap until they sign new deals, retire, etc. Asik is a good defensive center who knows how to grab rebounds, block shots and isn't afraid to get his nose dirty, which is exactly what Boston is looking for from their big men.

Also, I'm not buying Smith's second sentence. I don't think KG's decision will have anything to do with whether or not he gets to go back to playing power forward. Instead, it will have everything to do with whether or not he feels he can compete at the same level he's been used to and his desire to get another ring.

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