Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Celtics hang on, beat Cleveland 86-83

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It appears that the Celtics used the All-Star break to refine their inconsistency and turn it into an art form.

Turnovers, 58 points over the final three quarters and the interior strength of tissue paper turned a 16-point first quarter lead into a nip-and-tuck affair up to the final buzzer. To the Celtics' credit, they made the plays when they needed to. The defense stepped up down the stretch, forcing Kyrie Irving to turn the ball over and miss a layup on two separate possessions in the final two minutes. The offense did enough in the fourth quarter to not completely blow it. Brandon Bass returned after a six-game layoff to give Boston an early scoring punch before going the way of the rest of the team and disappearing in the second and third quarters. Turnovers, per usual, were a problem all night and the Celtics couldn't keep the Varejao-less Cavs off the offensive glass.

It was a pukefest. It made you want to rip your hair out and eat it. It made you want to throw you shoe through the television. The C's proved once again that they aren't a team that's day-to-day, but rather quarter-to-quarter. But in the end, it was a much-needed win for a team that is currently fighting to hold onto a playoff spot. Just accept the W and move onto the next one.

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