Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Celtics contacted Sacramento about DeMarcus Cousins

You know that girl that every guy in your high school had a crush on, but she was dating the varsity quarterback and nobody ever thought they'd break up so you all just admired her from afar? Then a miracle happened when the couple hit splitsville and every guy under the sun did everything they could to try and woo her before she went back to her old flame?

DeMarcus Cousins is that girl. Except he's a dude. And he's an NBA basketball player. A very talented one, in fact.

When Cousins was sent home by head coach Paul Westphal prior to Sacramento's game against New Orleans on Sunday, news broke shortly after that Cousins had demanded a trade. Of course, fast forward a couple of days and the Kings have done the damage control necessary to downplay the situation, but that apparently didn't stop Danny Ainge from buying some flowers and chocolate for his new 7-foot crush. (Boston Herald)

The Celtics, like most teams, have called Sacramento to gauge what it would take to trade for DeMarcus Cousins. The young, disgruntled Kings center has been suspended from the team for his disagreements with coach Paul Westphal.
"It's highly unlikely," a league source said of the Celtics' chances of landing Cousins. "I'm not sure that any team is going to get him. The thing is that everyone knows he's a wreck. They're not going to get what he's worth."

For all of the talent that Cousins has—and it's a lot—his maturity is, well, nonexistent. This isn't his first go-around when it comes to being a nuisance in the locker room. Just last season, Cousins got into a fight with a teammate, had a verbal altercation with another coach and was suspended after putting his hand around his own throat and making the "choke" sign during a game. It doesn't look like he's learned a great deal, but you also need to remember that he would only be a junior in college if he hadn't jumped to the NBA.

I'm not certain that this would be the type of guy that the Celtics need in their locker room. It's obvious that Cousins doesn't take direction particularly well. What could possibly go wrong when Kevin Garnett reams him out for the first time when Cousins doesn't rotate on defense quickly enough or is in the wrong position? Besides, Doc's looking for smart, heady players to do the right things on the floor. Smart and heady are two words that Cousins probably can't even define. Besides, Danny would have to give up some guys who aren't headaches just to bring on one guy who comes with 47 bottles of Excedrin.

I know the Celtics want and need 7-footers. Just not this 7-footer.

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