Friday, December 9, 2011

Celtics to trade Glen Davis to Orlando for Brandon Bass

If you dig undersized big men, then this news is your early Christmas present.

Dan Duggan of the Boston Herald first reported this possibility earlier in the day, but it appears to be pretty much a done deal at this point. It's a pretty good move for the Celtics. Brandon Bass is a better shooter and more of a threat offensively, but isn't as solid on the defensive end. The big issue that Boston had late last year was offensive production when the starters were getting a rest. Glen Davis was about as reliable as a wet paper towel when it came to consistency. When he was off, there was a good chance that the entire bench would be off.

The Celtics need offensive weapons off the bench and Bass can give them that. Doc, KG and the rest of the crew can work with him on defense and hopefully get him to respectability on that end of the floor, but this is another sign of Danny Ainge building a pretty good roster with absolutely nothing to work with.

Of course, that's if David Stern doesn't veto it.

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