Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kevin Garnett wants to end his career in Boston

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In case you weren't paying attention to the second half of last season, allow me to let you in on something: Kevin Garnett is getting old.

There are some people who disagree with that. Those people would argue that he is already old. They would tell you that he is a shell of himself, that he's washed up. Most of those people are the ones that have been saying that about the entire Celtics team over the last four years. But in reality, KG isn't the same guy he was back in 2007 when he first came to Boston. He can't play a ton of minutes. There are some nights when his legs look fresh and rested and other nights when they look no better than Willis Reed's did in Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals.

Garnett has one year left on his current deal. His career is rapidly winding down. There's a question of what he'll do after this season (if there is one) and where he'll be doing it. If it were up to Garnett, everything would end in the place where his career was reborn: Boston. (Boston Globe)

"I want to finish my career as a Celtic," said Garnett, who joined Boston in a trade with Minnesota before the 2007-08 season. "This is it. I don’t plan on bouncing from team-to-team, that's not really the plan. Hopefully God willing, I can finish my career out in the classy, elegant with a class-full organization as Boston. I don't want to downgrade. I want to continue to be where I'm at. This is the first option and hopefully the only option."
When asked if he would play past next season, Garnett said with a giggle: "My body and I gotta actually have a one-on-one to see future-wise, where I'm at and what I want to do. So I will make that decision."

Garnett's been known to be extremely loyal, almost to a fault. He spent year after year in the dark cavern of--at best--mediocrity that is Minnesota where their commitment to winning was slim to none before he finally signed off on a trade. He wasn't happy there. Heck, he cried on national television because of the fact that he was losing year in and year out. But he stayed. He wanted to finish what he had started.

Of course, the situation he's in now is a little different. And by "a little," I mean "completely." He's on a team that some people still consider to be a contender. He's won a championship. He's playing with two other future Hall of Famers and being coached by one of the most respected coaches in the game today. Yes, he wants to stay in Boston with Ray, Paul and Doc and finish what they set out to do, which was win numerous championships. More importantly for KG, he just likes it here. He's comfortable. He enjoys what the city and the franchise have to offer. He wants the stability and the sense of security that is rarely found in professional sports.

The question is whether or not the Celtics want to bring Garnett back. If the money is right, I don't see why they wouldn't. He's not washed up. Not yet, at least. He can still help this team just by leadership and pure basketball knowledge alone. He's not the game-changing phenom that he was ten years ago, but he's still a solid contributor that most teams would love to have.

Of course, we should probably take this one season at a time. Let's try to make it through this one before we get too far ahead of ourselves.

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