Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Glen Davis roller-coaster offseason continues

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Glen Davis was absolutely destroyed by Celtics fans, media and bloggers early last week for coming out and saying that Glen Davis just wanted to be in a place where Glen Davis could be Glen Davis.

It looks like Glen Davis has had a change of heart and decided that Glen Davis wants to be Glen Davis in Boston. Davis, after hiring a sports psychologist (which in itself isn't exactly the most reassuring thing in the world), has appeared to change his tune and decided that Boston is the only place he wants to be. (Boston Herald)

Davis, at least, asserts that he wants to return.
"Man, I do," Davis said yesterday. "Do you know how much I've grown and learned with those guys? I want to keep playing with Ray (Allen) and Paul (Pierce) until they leave."

Davis also talked about his relationship with Doc Rivers and put some of the blame on his terrible late-season performance on himself.

“Me and Doc have a good understanding,” he said. “My name’s Glen and his name’s Glenn. But Doc is Doc. I love the way he coaches. It’s just that me, as a player, didn’t adjust to him. When I first came here, my role was different than it is now. More importance on the team means more adjusting, and sometimes this year I had trouble with that. Mentally, it interrupted my game."

I have no idea what to take from this. I'm torn. On one hand, I want to take Davis at his word. I want to believe that he really wants to be here, that he'll change his ways, that he'll listen to Doc and learn from him. I want to believe that he's being sincere about all of this and that he'll come back a new, refreshed Glen Davis.

On the other hand, there's just too much evidence against this being some PR damage control and nothing more. Davis is a loose cannon. He's mentally fragile and he's proven it over and over again. If this was nothing more than a one-time foot-in-mouth incident, then I could take him at his word. But we've seen him cry, complain about his role, talk about leaving about 10 minutes after the season ended and discuss being himself wherever a team would allow that to happen. I can't see this as being anything more than Davis watching the potential dollar signs disappear faster than his spaghetti-and-pancakes pregame meal and trying to save face.

Sorry Glen. I've been your apologist for a long time, but I just can't buy what you're trying to sell anymore.

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